A Non-Exhaustive List Of What We Can Help With:


General Troubleshooting

Sometimes your computer just won’t work the way you expect and it can be extremely difficult to find out why. Like a Doctor performing a checkup, we can diagnose and solve almost any issue and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. From small little annoyances to total crashes and slowdowns, we have been able to make fixes and workarounds for even the most complex of IT setups.

Backup & Data Recovery

The I in IT stands for Information and we work with it everyday. It’s our business files, personal photos, and anything else important to you. When it’s lost, it can be devastating to families and businesses alike. Prevention is often the best medicine for this issue so we offer local and online backups to ensure you can get back to work quickly. If you’ve been unlucky and lost data without a backup we’ll try our best to get the data back.

G Suite Consulting & Migrations

Ready to work in the cloud? G Suite by Google is the ultimate office suite that runs in your web browser so you can work from anywhere, even offline, without missing a beat. Let us help you with setting up and getting the most out of Google Drive, Docs, Keep, Sites, and more. We can also migrate your email, documents, calendars, contacts, and more from your old computer systems.

Maintenance & Security Plans

It’s insane how the world of technology and information security can change so quickly. It can be hard to keep up. Let us be proactive so you can focus on your business or personal projects and stay secure and productive. Our maintenance and security plans monitor, maintain, & protect your computers so you can have peace of mind that if an issue arises, we can fix it before it grinds you to a halt.

New Computer Setups & Migrations

You would think that when you buy a new computer it would be all setup and ready to go right? Wrong! Often, there are a lot of things to be done to start the computer off as secure and efficient as possible. Don’t wait for the inevitable slowdown to do something about it. Let us setup your computer for success! We’ll remove junkware, lock down security settings, install/update essential software, transfer files from your old computer and more!

Web Design with Squarespace

Never let your website be held hostage by your web designer again with Squarespace and Gattai Digital. We can help you build a stunning website that converts prospects into clients and give you the tools to edit the site yourself if you wish. It’s your website, so you own the content and we are available to help you or talk to Squarespace on your behalf if you have issues.

Virus Removals & Repairs

Viruses are harder to detect on computers nowadays because they are designed to make money for the creators. They hide and steal your data or computing power and make more money the longer they’re installed. If your computer is going incredibly slow, it may be a sign that you’re infected. Let us diagnose and clean your PC and strengthen your security so you can get back to being productive.

Expert Training Services

Part of improving your efficiency and productivity is not just getting the tools setup and maintained, it’s also learning how to use your tools effectively. That’s why we offer private 1 on 1 training sessions, group sessions for your office, and public webinars to give you the skills you need to do amazing things with your technology. Whether you are a technology novice or a seasoned power user needing extra tips, we can tailor lessons to you.


Want to work smarter and work efficiently in your home or business? We can help you design systems using web based software and automation that run like clockwork to help you save time and earn more revenue. We can also help with hardware and software purchases, small office servers, training, and much more. Whatever your business goals, we love collaboration.


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