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Simple Pricing, No Surprises

Hourly Rates

If you don’t have issues very often or you don’t want to commit to one of our support plans just yet, we offer no-rush, next-day, and emergency hourly rates to suit your needs. Please note, regardless of the level of service you choose, prepay and support plan clients will always be helped ahead of any hourly client.

  • No-Rush Service - $100/hr

    • Service within 48 hours

  • Next-Day Service - $150/hr

    • Service within 24 hours

  • Emergency Service - $200/hr

    • Same day service

To simplify our service offerings, we no longer offer flat rate services. Instead, we put a cap on the time for services that can take a long time to do. For instance, we’ll cap a Virus Removal at 2.5 hours or a System Backup at 1 hour. Just contact us to get a quote for any particular job.

Monthly Maintenance & Security Plans

If you’d prefer a more proactive approach to making sure your computer is fast and secure, we offer monthly maintenance and security plans that monitor your computer and automatically notify us or repair minor issues before they become huge problems. Plans start at $15 per month per computer. Get in touch with us to learn more and sign up.

Prepaid Support Tickets

For ongoing support without the monthly fees we offer our Prepay Tickets that allow you to buy multiple hours of support for a discounted rate. You can use the time for tech support and consulting or Squarespace Web Design work.


  • 4 Hour Ticket: $360

    • Best for the solopreneur or 1 person in a company or web clients with a small number of edits throughout the year.

  • 8 Hour Ticket: $640

    • Best for 2 or more person teams or individuals with multiple projects lined up.


  • Time is tracked in 15 minute increments

  • First in line for same day support

  • Free Email Questions

  • Free Email Forwards to check if a message is a scam

  • Tickets Never Expire

  • Anyone in your business or family can use them

  • Doubles as a gift certificate, you can send any amount of time to others



When you are searching for an IT Consultant, you’ve probably exhausted all other options available to you for solving your issues. Contacting us for expert help doesn’t just mean you’ll get the job done but also expecting a higher level of service. We manage the expectations for our clients on what to expect during a support session and we always use fair billing practices.

As you are probably aware, the complexity of a job may vary wildly from job to job. Some jobs only take a few minutes while others can last overnight or longer. There are times when there is just not enough time in our schedules to finish the job in one day and it has to be split between multiple days. As a result, I do not bill for time where I am not working on your computer. If it turns out you have a lot of issues due to a complex setup or multiple devices and platforms you should consider purchasing a prepay ticket.

We’ll do our best to accurately quote you on how long a job will take and therefore how much it will cost, but be aware that especially with troubleshooting jobs that the job may take a lot longer. In the event the time of the job runs longer than we initially quoted, we’ll pause and ask if you’d like to continue. We also take great care to make sure your computer is backed up prior to making changes to your computer which may incur extra charges.

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