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G Suite Migration Agreement

G Suite Migration Form

Thank you for considering Gattai Digital to assist you with your migration! Below is the information you need to know for your migration and the form to get started.

Please fill out the following form at the bottom so we have all the information necessary to move ahead. After we receive this information we will..

  1. Send an invoice
  2. Schedule a migration day (if not done already)
  3. Setup your Google Accounts
  4. Verify records with your website control panel
  5. Create your usernames and email accounts
  6. Send documentation to your team about the migration. Phone setup information, support information and G Suite admin login information

What to expect during your migration:

  • Your email will be able to be sent/received on your phone and on an internet browser after we get your new Gmail profile setup. The old email needs to synchronize with the new server, so no email will be able to sent or received in your desktop Outlook client until it’s done syncing. The more email you have, the longer it takes.
  • If we use an email migration tool, then your new Outlook profile will need to download the email and that still will take time if you have a lot of email.
  • Expect an invoice 30 days after we setup your email from G Suite. They are the vendors who manage your email server. You can pay monthly or yearly.
  • You will be able to call into Google for 24×7 support, any person calling in must have global admin rights to do the calling in for password reset, etc. I can also teach you how to do this on your own.
  • Gattai Digital can be retained to do this work and can have access to do password resets and assistance. If you need a password reset on a prepay ticket, the cost is $22.50, if not it’s $100. This is why we offer the prepay ticket, for discounts on such calls.
  • Please delete all unnecessary email before the migration, this will help speed up the process. Usual files are deleted items, old sent items, folders that are old. If you don’t want to delete these items, but archive them to a local PST folder, we can help with that but need to know prior to a migration and we do bill extra for that service.
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Please fill in your website control panel login and password. If you are not comfortable putting it in this form, please email If you don't know, please type "I don't know" so I can call you and help figure it out.
What Other 3rd Party Apps Do You Use At Your Company?
For Synchronizing Files, Email, Contacts, and Calendars
It's important for us to know if your office/home office has fast or slow internet speeds. This helps us gauge how long it will take to download and upload your email to the new servers.
What kind of computers does your company use? *
Would You Like To Add A Prepay Ticket For Additional Admin Support After The Migration? *
Basic Aftercare is included with your migration. This prepay ticket covers any additional services and support outside of the aftercare.