Expert G Suite Consulting and Migrations

G Suite is A Complex Service with a Lot of Benefits To Your Business, Let Gattai Digital Help You Push Past THe Complexity and Move To G Suite With Minimal Downtime


Gattai Digital offers G Suite Consulting and Technical Support to clients in Manistee, Michigan and around the world. We offer fast next day service with no contracts. Our remote support tools allow us to remote into many computers at once to be more efficient.

Here Are A Few Reasons You Might Call In For G Suite Support:

  • G Suite is an awesome service for Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Documents but Google tends to make things confusing with multiple products that do the same thing, compatibility issues with 3rd Party Software, and differences between the home and business versions of Google's products. I can help you navigate the Google waters and help you find out which G Suite services are right for you and get you started on G Suite with minimal disruption to your business.
  • You might have already had a G Suite migration done either by yourself or someone else and you are looking for help to fix the problems you have. I've seen various G Suite accounts with many different configurations, I can help you get your G Suite accounts setup the way you want it quickly and efficiently.
  • You are looking for a smaller experienced company to help with their migrations and you want it go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. With my questionnaires, I do my best to complete your migrations in 1 day. I also do next day aftercare to ensure that everything is working as it should be for everyone in your company.

Why Use G Suite For Your Email, Calendars, Contacts, and Files?


Business Email + Your Domain

Stop using your email address for your business! It makes it harder for clients to email you as it's not usually a memorable email address. With G Suite you can use Gmail, the best email service around with your domain name and ad free. It syncs with every device, it's easy to use, and it has all the features you need for your business.

Searchable & Shareable Files

You don't need to setup an expensive file server to be able to search for and share your files. With Google Drive you can upload all of your existing business files and keep them backed up in the cloud and you can share files with your employees, clients, and others. You can also create new files online with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and collaborate in real time!


Having trouble keeping your calendars in sync? G Suite's Calendar app syncs with your phone, tablet, and computer to make it easy to stay on track with your day. You can also share calendars with other people to make scheduling appointments and meetings much easier without revealing whatever is on your calendar currently. It's a really slick system!

Video Meetings Done Right

Never travel to a meeting again! With Google Hangouts Meet you can setup video meetings that integrate with your Google Calendar. Hangouts Meet allows you to have crisp HD quality video calls with up to 50 people and it's super easy to setup meetings, have the meeting, and get on with your day. You can also use Classic Hangouts to chat with coworkers.


New To G Suite?

  • G Suite is a pretty straightforward software to use but setting it up can be quite daunting. Let a G Suite Expert help you setup the technical side of G Suite, show you how to get started with your new G Suite apps, and migrate your data from your old systems.
  • Need help deciding if G Suite is right for you? G Suite has several plans with different features and the features you can use also depends on where you purchase G Suite from and how many users you have. Let Kellyn help you pick the right plan and the best place to buy G Suite for your needs. He can also help you decide if G Suite will even suit your needs. Spoiler Alert: For most small businesses, it is!
  • Setup and Migration Pricing: 
    • Simple setup without Migration: $150
    • Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Files Migration to G Suite: $150 + $150 per mailbox
    • All packages include a 1 hour Training session afterwards

Need G Suite Tech Support?

  • Already on using it and have a few questions? I know the answers! Most issues are leftover problems your IT company doesn’t know how to fix it and I do. 
  • Calendar, contacts, and files a mess after a migration? I help clean it all up and help your team get organized with sharing with the team and for mobile device use.
  • Phones, tablets, and other devices not working right? Probably configured wrong, I will help you get everything in sync and teach you a few tricks I know to help your experience even be a better one!

Why Hire Kellyn?

Looking for an experienced technician? I have over 10 years of working with G Suite and the standard Google apps. While no migration is 100% seamless, I learn from issues and update my notes and surveys. Technology can change very fast and having a technician who is up to date on these issues is the value you get with working with a small company. As well, I’m the only technician so the call back times during migrations are immediate. If your company uses 3rd party apps that integrate with G Suite, I am familiar with most of those and know how to export data correctly.

Tired of not being in the loop with your tech company? I also know how to manage expectations so when a technical snag arises, I communicate this with you as soon as I’m aware. As well, I’m the only technician so the call back times during migrations are immediate.

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