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I think My Computer Has A Virus, Can You Still Fix It?

In most cases, yes. We will walk you through various ways of downloading our remote support software no matter how bad the infection. Once we're connected, we'll take care of the rest.

Is The Remote Support Software Safe To Run On My Computer?

Yes, our software uses end to end 256-bit encryption to secure your session and keep it private, no personal data is stored on our servers, and it can only allow a technician remote access with your specific approval. You can see everything your technician is doing on your computer at all times, chat with the technician, and end the session at any time. Our server also keeps a log of every session to keep accountability.

Will You Be Able To See Everything I DO On My Computer?

Only during the remote support session. A remote support session can only be started with explicit permission from you. We will not access any personal files unless it is needed for the repair (ie Data Backups). Please make sure that any confidential or financial information is closed on the computer before your appointment. After each session, we install a program that gathers data about your computer and can alert you when things go wrong. This program only collects system diagnostic and not personal data.

What Operating Systems Do You Support?

We can remotely connect to and repair computers running Windows 7 and up, macOS Lion and up, and Ubuntu 14.04 and up and it's varients.

Do I Have To Pay You Before You Fix My Computer?

For first time customers, we usually require a 1 hour deposit or prepayment of a flat fee service before starting any work. We'll send you an invoice after your appointment is scheduled and require payment before the scheduled appointment time.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept credit or debit cards, Square Cash, Google Wallet, and Bitcoin. Credit and debit cards can be paid directly from your invoice and online client portal. Other payments require you to contact us to arrange the transfer.

Do I Have To Bring My Computer To You So You Can Fix It?

No, because we specialize in software related services there is no need to unplug your computer or take it anywhere. All you need is Internet access and our remote support app to get started.

Do you Install Any Programs On My Computer?

Once we have started a remote session we usually install a process automation tool to do our work as well as a free program to alert you to any future problems along with an easy way to contact us. The process automation tool is removed when the work is complete. We may update/install additional programs to ensure the security of your computer or to enhance the use of your computer. We can remove or install any custom programs on your request.

What Happens To The Remote Support Software After The Session?

That's up to you. You can either keep it enabling you to quickly start a session next time or you can delete it if you aren't planning to use it anymore.