Zen PC: Get Rid Of Online Ads

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second blog post in the Zen PC series. If you want to see the first post I did in the series click here! In today's post I want to give you a quick tip to make your web browsing experience a little better.

We all hate advertising on our websites. We know they can be helpful to websites owners who prefer not to charge their readers directly for their content. They can also be helpful to consumers as every once in a while you might find a useful product or service that you might want to buy. The problem is, there's too many ads online. Some of them can be in your face and in the way of the content you actually want to view, some of them can even install malware on your computer for clicking on them.

So how can we reduce the number of ads we see online and get rid of all of the really sleazy ads? There is a really awesome web browser extension that I use called AdBlock Plus. AdBlock Plus is a unique Ad Blocking tool that by default blocks most ads but lets some of the better ads be visable. You can of course block all ads by tweaking a setting if you wish but I wouldn't recommend it. It also has the ability to block social media widgets so that sites like Facebook can't track you if you don't want it to and can block any malware infected sites it knows about. It's a pretty powerful little app.

AdBlock Plus Installed in Google Chrome

AdBlock Plus Installed in Google Chrome

Setup is also a breeze. Just download it for your prefered browser and it will give you a quick setup page where you can turn on the malware and social media widget blockers if you want and then just close the tab. From then on, you will see less bad ads on the web and more of the good stuff you are looking for. You can install it on Windows or Mac, and on IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. You can even install it on an Android phone but it does take some work to do and in my experience it's not worth it. But hey, it's possible! All in all, AdBlock Plus makes your web surfing more Zen and I highly recommend it for everyone! Click the button below to install it for your browser.