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Welcome to Gattai Digital!

It's a new year and time for a new name for ZenPC Guru, we are now Gattai Digital! I'm sure if you've followed me for a while you have many questions and I intend to answer some common ones in this blog post. For those of you who are just finding out about our small little remote support technology company, I would like to use this post to welcome you and tell you why our company is awesome and what the future holds for us! I hope you find these updates exciting as we are now taking some big steps forward in growing this small business.

What Does Gattai Mean?

Gattai means fusion in Japanese. I have wracked my brain trying to figure out wether it would be better to have 2 companies, one for web design and one for computer repair. There are pros and cons to each option but I find it makes more sense for me as a part-time one man home office based business that I fuse all of my services together into a one stop shop for all of your technology needs, provided by me over the Internet.

Not only that, but fusion means a lot of things for me and my business. As the logo implies it is a fusion of yin and yang with the perfect balance of both along with a speech bubble showing the need to verbally spread this fusion. It is a fusion of my newfound automation tools with the same awesome customer service you come to expect from me. It is a fusion of my love of technology with my love of helping people. It is even a fusion of my best services to create offerings that appeal to both residential and small business clients alike.

In short, Gattai means a lot to me and I hope it means the coming of great things for you my clients.

Are You Still Kellyn?

Yes, when you work with Gattai Digital you are still working with me and my partners. You are still getting the same honest, helpful, and calming support you've always had from ZenPC Guru. We just picked a new name and a new branding. Mainly, it's more blue than purple this time. :)

Why Do You Keep Changing Your Business Name?

Yeah, that's a big question. The truth is, I haven't been able to settle on a business name for a while. When I started I chose the name Volternal because it was a cool play on the words Volt and Internal. After a while though I found the name didn't work so well. It made me sound like a hardware company and I was growing into a remote software support company. It just didn't fit. Then I tried ZenPC Guru because I had a cool domain name and it sounded more personal. It played on my traits of helping people with technology and de-stressing their digital lives. But as I started to work on Web Design I found that name didn't fit either.

While I am still a remote support company I am finding more and more services to add and I found that these services expanded beyond PCs. I needed a name that still fit with my philosophies but sounded broad enough to cover all things digital: PCs, smartphones, tablets, websites, streaming video, podcasting, Internet of Things, digital marketing, etc. And all of this without seeming too broad that you don't know what my company is about. I hope that this new name gets the message of my company across and that I won't have to change it again for a very long time. Obviously, changing your name every couple of years is not idea when you are trying to grow a business.

So What Does This Mean For Me?

Well in addition to the name change, I have also made some changes to my tools and business processes to create a simple and efficient Gattai Digital. This means faster service and response times, more efficient remote support, managed services to keep your computer safe and clean without you having to worry about it, and more room to grow in the future. All this while still being a one man show which means I am still the same agile and low overhead company I always have been so the savings pass on to you too.

You will also notice a move to monthly and flat rate services as well, this is because of my automation tools which allow me to work on multiple computers at once and do other work while your computer gets fixed. This increases my efficiency and allows me to eliminate hourly rates for most services. If a service does require hourly time, I will let you know before working on it.

So What's Now and What's Next?

At launch (which is now), I am offering the following services:

  • General Remote Computer Repair and Training
  • Virus Removals and Repairs
  • Printer Driver Repair
  • Software Repair and Training
  • Networking Setup and Support
  • Mobile Device Setup and Support
  • Streaming Media Player Setup and Support
  • Free Tech Alert App
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook and Social Media Support
  • G-Suite Setup and Support (Formally Google Apps for Work)

All just to name a few. Some of the services we plan on offering in the future include:

  • Managed Backup
  • Smart Home Device Installation, Security and Support
  • Managed Web Filtering
  • Podcasting
  • Managed Websites

With many more to come! I am so excited for all that is happening this year and I hope you will join me on this journey to make computing fun and stress free! My phone number is still the same and you can reach me with the contact form below if you have any questions or comments. Happy computing!