New Managed Protection Plans!

Hey folks! Just wanted to shoot out this quick blog to let prospective and existing clients know that I'm making a few changes to my maintenance plans starting January 1st 2018. These plans will cost a bit more for some, others will not see a price increase at all but either way, I'm providing more value in these plans than ever before. As a computer consultant, I feel that managed services should pack as much issue prevention and security as possible for the right price for small business owners and I feel these latest changes will provide that.

New Pricing Tiers

So we still have 3 tiers for the plans like before but instead of pricing it at $5, $15, $25 it is now priced at $15, $25, $45. This is mainly because of some brand new features that will be included in all plans going forward. I'm really excited about these new tiers because it provides a good amount of value while keeping the prices affordable for most residential and small business clients. If you are currently on our $15 plan, you can choose to stay at $15 and lose your Antivirus and gain Online Backup storage or upgrade to the $25 plan to keep the Antivirus and get more Online Backup storage. The $15 plan is designed for people who want extra protection to pair with their existing Antivirus and the $25 plan is for people who need an all in one security and protection plan. I hope that these new plans make things more flexible for you in terms of what protection options you would like to get.

Online Backup in All Plans

My protection plans now include Online Managed Backup on all tiers! I feel that not enough clients have a proper backup solution and now we can provide that at no extra cost for all protection plan clients.

The only difference between tiers is the amount of storage, the $15 plan has 30GB and the $25 plan has 100GB. If you need more than 100GB, our $45 plan includes unlimited storage. In addition to the online backup I can also manage your local backups to an external hard drive at no additional charge. So now you get a proper backup setup with local and off-site copies and it's all managed by me to ensure that everything stays secure and up to date.

More to Come!

We plan on adding more great services to these maintenance plans in the future so stay tuned for more updates! The best thing about these plans is that if you are a Windows user, you get access to me whenever you need it and I can take care of your computer so you can focus on building your business. To learn more about this service and to sign up click the button below!