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My New Mission: To Improve Lives With Technology

So yeah, I haven't been active very much lately. That's mainly due to my having some personal issues in my life that I needed to work out. So I apologize for that. The important thing is that I'm back and ready to post more blog posts. Moving forward I will plan to publish at least one post every month. So keep it locked to this blog and my email newsletter for more useful information to keep you informed and savvy with technology. In this post, I want to let you know about some stuff I've been thinking about lately and how Gattai Digital will evolve over the next few months.

A Little Backstory

Ever since I was a little kid I loved tinkering with computer and as I got older I wanted to turn my love for technology into a business. I dabbled into it while I was in high school but it was more of a hobby then but I did find opportunity at school when I enrolled in a CompTIA A+ Certification course. I studied hard, took the test, and got certified. The next year, I got a Linux+ Certification through an independent study. I felt awesome getting those accomplishments, I thought I could do anything I set my mind to. I even got noticed by the tech department and I was basically consulting for them and helping them setup a Linux based disk imaging server. All this before I graduated!

I realized after all that that I was really good at problem solving and troubleshooting. The problem is, up until now I never really had a focus on what I wanted to use my talents for. How could I help people with my skills? I knew I wanted to start a business so after finding out that college wasn't for me, I went right ahead and started my business because that was my original dream. Unfortunately, my business never really had a clear direction or goal and in fact went through 3 name changes. It's been an interesting more than 5 years to say the least but I did learn a lot from it.

My Epiphany

It wasn't until just recently that I realized my relationship with technology. I wanted my gadgets to improve my life when I needed to and stay out of my way when I don't. I wanted my data to follow me to every device so that I would always be using the gadget that best worked for me at that moment. I wanted technology to make things simpler for me rather than complicate it. I have since learned how to leverage technology in this way and being the information sponge I am, I want to share my findings with all of you.

That's when it hit me, I had finally found what sets me apart from all the other computer repair business owners. I noticed that not only do a lot of people have trouble making their technology work for them as efficiently as possible, but it also became nothing more than a fancy status symbol for some or at least a fancy paperweight. For me, it's not just about repairing computers anymore. It's about keeping them working and making sure my clients are using the best tools for whatever it is they want to do, whether they are business owners or the heads of families. I've decided then and there to make it my mission to help people use technology to make their lives better. Moving forward, this mission will guide me in everything I do as Gattai Digital evolves and grows.

What To Expect

So what will this look like in terms of how my business is run and what services I will offer? Well, I am excited to say that I have a lot of big changes over the coming months that I can't wait to share with you all. Here is a sampling:

  • Improvements to our Managed Maintenance Plans including a special Member's Only Group where members can discuss technology and get answers to quick questions. We'll also have exclusive webinars and videos to help you get the most out of your tech.
  • A Managed Backup service with Cloud and Local Backups. This will be a easy and affordable way to prevent crippling data loss.
  • Monthly blog posts to help you learn about technology and find out the best ways to make your digital life easier.
  • A weekly podcast launching in January 2018 to help you get started building or improving your digital lifestyle.
  • Relaunching my web design service to help individuals and businesses build a platform fast
  • Occasional free Webinars to offer free tips, answer common questions, and showcase my services
  • Promoting Email Migration Services and Expert G Suite Consulting for businesses and groups.
  • And several other secret projects that I can't wait to share with you when they are ready!

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Stay tuned for more and subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't already to be notified when these new changes are made! Thanks for reading and following me all this time. I look forward to everything coming in the new year!