Managed Antivirus vs Free Antivirus: Get The Best Protection For Your Home Or Business

Many computer repair shops and remote tech support firms install free antivirus software on client's computers that don't have one installed after a tune up or a virus removal. In fact Windows 10 actually has built in virus protection. But are the free options really adequate for protecting your computer? I am finding that this is not the case, I used to install free antivirus too but I stopped doing that and started offering a managed antivirus. In this post, I will explain why I did this and why it provides better protection for your home or office computers.

So What's Wrong With Free Antivirus?

I'm not saying the free antivirus is terrible (although some of them are, looking at you AVG and Avast!), but the fact of the matter is that free antivirus only gives you a baseline of protection. This is especially true if you're using Windows Defender on Windows 10 or Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 which are both great free antivirus programs by the way. Most of these either offer real-time protection (which basically means it constantly scans all new files on the computer) and scheduled scans or just scheduled scans. The problem with this is that they only provide one or two layers of protection for your computer.

The main problem is viruses, spyware, and other forms of Malware have gotten sneakier and sneakier over the past several years. They have figured out how to get past many free antivirus defenses and even some of the brand names like Norton or McAfee which come on many computers as free trials. And the viruses just get more and more dangerous. Some of them just bog your computer down with popup ads but others stay hidden and steal your personal information, use your computer's processing power for cybercrime, and the worst ones will even hold your important files for ransom.

The sad truth is, most free antivirus programs don't detect bad viruses until they have already infected your computer. If that virus ends up being a ransomeware program like Cryptolocker, then it's too late. All of your data is now inaccessible. It is extremely important for most people to have more than just a simple antivirus. You need software that blocks malware based on it's behavior rather than if it's been in a database before, you need software that is backed by an experienced IT professional who can be alerted when a virus appears, plus you need constant software updates to ensure the bad guys can't get in through flaws in old software. Most free antivirus programs just don't do all that. But there is something that does.

Enter Managed Antivirus

So now you may be wondering, if free antivirus isn't good enough is there a good antivirus program I can buy that will give me the best protection? A lot of people pay for off the shelf products such as Norton, McAfee, or AVG and believe they have the best protection available. While it is true that these paid programs often block more viruses and removed them based on their behavior, they are missing the customer support factor. Wouldn't it be amazing if you had a support person watching over your antivirus and see if it stopped protecting you at any point or if it detected a virus and the tech could take care of it automagically? That is where a managed antivirus comes in.

With Gattai Digital's Managed AV powered by Emsisoft Antimalware, you get all the protection of the big box antivirus products, with more awesome features. It offers 3 layers of protection on it's own. First you have Surf Protection which blocks known infected websites to prevent you from downloading a virus in the first place. If that doesn't work, Emsisoft will scan every file that enters your computer in real time and if it finds a known virus it will eliminate it instantly. Finally, if a virus starts running on your computer Emsisoft can detect that a program is doing something it shouldn't be and stops it in it's tracks.

Sounds awesome doesn't it? It gets better! You also get Windows and 3rd Party App Patch Management. That means we'll schedule your Windows Updates and critical programs like Adobe Flash at a time that works best for you so hackers and infected websites can't exploit the security holes that older versions of Windows or other apps might have. As a bonus there, you will see a lot less of those nagging update pop ups! We'll also monitor the health of your computer to make sure everything is running smoothly. The best feature though is that if you do end up with a Virus with our service, we'll remove it for free! That's how good we think our Managed Antivirus is. We managed your software updates and protection all in one service!

I hope this article clarifies the difference between free, paid, and managed antivirus. I think if you are tech savvy enough to do your own computer maintenance or to be really good at avoiding viruses in the first place, you may not need a managed antivirus. But for most people, it is an essential for stopping cyber attacks for home and business computers. If you are interested in learning more or want to switch to our Managed Antivirus solution, click the button below to schedule a consult.