Last Minute Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Hey folks! I wanted to shoot out this quick post for the business owners out there about taxes. It's getting to be the end of the year and you may be wanting to max out your business deductions before years end. Well now is a great time to take a look at your IT budget and your IT issues and see what you would like to fix. I'm sure you all have pain points that you would like to get rid of. As an IT consultant who specializes in cloud services like G Suite and my Managed Protection Plans, I have a range of services that you can use to both fix those pain points and max out your business deductions for the year. Here are a few ideas on how I can help!

Prepaid Support Tickets

If you find you need ongoing tech support for your business, you may want to consider a prepaid support ticket that may just last you the whole of 2018. These are basically just discounted hourly service blocks that you can use anytime you need them in 15 minute increments. They never expire, anyone in your company can use them, and you can gift time to others. It's a great way to take care of all the IT needs you may have including G Suite admin work, Squarespace Web Design work, fixing issues with Chrome and various web applications, data migrations, computer consultations and much more.

Here's the pricing if you're interested:

  • 4 Hour Ticket - $360 - Save $40 on 4 regular hours!
  • 8 Hour Ticket - $640 - Save $160 on 8 regular hours!
  • 16 Hour Ticket - $1120 - Save $480 on 16 regular hours!

Proactive Protection Plans

Stop paying a high fee every time your computer gets a virus. With our Proactive Protection Plans, you get critical software updates, 24/7 monitoring of your computer, Online Backup, Antivirus, and more all in one low monthly fee! All of this is to protect your computer from cyber attacks and to be able to watch for and fix problems quickly before they become huge problems. Plans start at $15/mo per computer. Click the link below for more details.

G Suite Migrations

What are you using for your business email? A regular Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account? An archaic POP or IMAP account from your Internet Provider or Web Host? There is a better way. Using the power of Gmail, you can get business class email on your domain name along with a full office suite, video conferencing, and more all from your web browser or mobile device. I'll have a full sales page on this later on but I wanted to throw this out there. We offer hand-holding personalized service for getting started with G Suite and moving your mail, contacts, and calendars over to the service. Contact me for more details.

Web Design

If you are in need of a website refresh I can help you out with that. I use Squarespace for my website designs and it is fantastic. Very easy to use system so you can edit the site after the fact, beautiful base design, and no need to worry about site maintenance. I can setup a Squarespace site with your branding colors and logos, multiple ways to convert your visitors into customers, and training so you can maintain it yourself. Contact me for a quote if you are interested.

That's all I have for now. If you have any questions let me know. If you are interested in any of these services click the button below to open a support ticket with me! Have a great holiday folks!